Valentin Slavchev


Valio Slavchev is a Bulgariansculptor. He executes hisworks inmetal, stone, wood and non-traditional materials, and also works in printmaking and mixed-media prints. He is the author of awards for the Bulgarian Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee, and various Bulgarian organisations. He is a laureateof the World Exhibition of Sculpture and Fine Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland 2000. His works are present atthe Bulgarian National Gallery of Art, Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, and the Association Art Dialogue, head-quartered in Paris. His works are ownedin private collections in Bulgaria, France, Denmark, Germany, Japan and others. Valio Slavchev is the author of more than 7 solo exhibitions, as well as a participantin general art exhibitions organized by the Union of Bulgarian Artists.


Veselin Atanasov


Veselin Atanasov graduated the Art High School in his hometown Burgas. For most of his life, he has been involved in the arts, currently working in advertising. He works are mostly in mixed technique – ink and watercolour. He prefers to draw light and illustrative sketches, details that bring provocation, but positivity as well, something warm that makes people happy. His paintings are mainly related to the sea and fish, but not only. He finds inspiration in animalism, draws a series of illustrations on Radichkov's “The Sparrows” (a Bulgarian novel), as well as a series of WWII submarines; he captures stolen moments of beauty from real life – cars, monasteries, insects, iconic buildings. In his illustrations he seeks beauty, a detail which touches the soul and is saturated with connotations, telling stories. He likes to paint in the evening, listening to light jazz, and believes that it is important to do something that makes you happy, something you do with love. That is why he is always curious who his paintings go to, whose house they enter.

His works are in the catalogue of the Ludogorie International Exhibition, Razgrad. He has participated in two international en plein airs  in Cappadocia, international general exhibitions and a hugely successful solo exhibition “The Sea” at Barbossa Bar, Burgas.


Marina Guryanov


Marina Guryanov inan architect by trade, but ever since childhood, sheloves drawing in her free time. At the moment, hercreative interests drifted hertowards design of batik style clothes and accessories, and glass art. She paintson the glass using different techniques and then bakesin a kiln at high temperature. Mixing painting and fusing creates unique paintings, sealed in glass.
Hercreative process most often starts witha preliminary sketch, but the end result is a combination of improvisation, her currentmood, and the direction the material itself directs herat that moment. Herdesign preferences are intriguing colourcombinations, shape asymmetry and fine details.  


Elvira Zagorova


Elvira Zagorova loves to make art which is close to people and their everyday life. That is why for over 15 years she's been making hand-painted accessories. She creates ethereal scarves, textile necklaces, patterned clothes, ties, handbags and decorative pillow cases. She is inspired by Bulgarian symbols such as the rose, the traditional folklore patterns, elements of Thracian treasures found in our lands, as well as the beauty of nature and emblematic Bulgarian cities such as Nesebar, Veliko Tarnovo, Tryavna and others. Her preferred technique is cold batik with textile paints and contours, using natural silk and chiffon.

Her scarves are like paintings released from the frame. Each hand-painted scarf has a unique design and colour and can be both an original accent to the style and eye-catching home decoration.


Vania Ivanova

 Vanya Ivanova is a historian by education. Soon after graduating university, she joined the art circles in Veliko Tarnovo and found a job in a private gallery in the city. She started to paint – first post cards with sheep, and for a few years now the wonderful wooden sheep paintings, which you can find with us in the Pavilion. In the spring of 2019 he started working on her dream and opened her own art gallery in Veliko Tarnovo.


Hristo Ejbekov

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